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rory_pamphilon 4th March 2019 01:30 PM

LED Upgrade Bulbs

Has anybody tried these new LED upgrade bulbs that appear on Amazon & Ebay now? They come in H1 shape and promise 10,000 lumens.

Too good to be true?



RICKY D 4th March 2019 07:38 PM

Iíve generally read bad reviews on LED headlights. The light pattern is meant to be very poor compared to Xenon and even Halogen bulbs and generally just blind oncoming traffic. One of my bulbs blew over the weekend and Iíve just ordered some Phillips Xtreme Vision D2R bulbs which are pricey but come highly recommend....Iím sure a few guys on here have them already.

Saying that I do have LED sidelights but theyíre so small that they do not really offer anything in terms of light spread but add a nice look to the car and do not blind oncoming cars. They also donít seem to blow every 3 months like conventional bulbs :Confused:

rory_pamphilon 4th March 2019 08:08 PM

Yeah there is definitely a lot of cheap & poor quality products out there when you search on ebay or amazon however I watched this video today and it showed the light output and beam patter from 15 of the more well established products, its real interesting...


The one that came out top offered double the light output from a good standard halogen bulb with just as good beam pattern. The one thing annoys me with my 2.8 FL QS is the poor dipped beam lighting, its verging on dangerous now when dealing with modern high power HID & LED lights coming the other direction.

I think they pull about 50w the LED replacements and most come with heatsinks and/or fans to cool them down. Be keen to know if this would all fit behind the dust cover on the back of the headlight.

ainarssems 5th March 2019 04:57 AM

Novsight are OK reasonably good, I have tried this model https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOVSIGHT-...53.m1438.l2649

I think they probably are nowhere near 14400LM but more light than many other LED bulbs and considerably more than halogen. I have tested them in A6 C5 new Hella headlight in a dark room measuring light output on the wall with a phone app. They are about 2.5x more than halogen and 20-25% than second best LED bulbs I have tested. The selection for H1 is somewhat limited due to size constraints and most that use plastic collar does not fit that well in socket and move around. The ones I linked have metal collar that fits well in socket and I have also had others with metal collar, this model allows to rotate the bulb in any position but as a result allows bulb to wobble a bit.

Some bulbs work better in some headlights, others in other headlights. Most work reasonably well in projector style lights but reflector style has a bit more mixed results and more possibility to cause glare to others. Also if your front headlight lens cover is not best condition it will scatter some light and with more light from LEDs that will be more noticeable.


The one thing annoys me with my 2.8 FL QS is the poor dipped beam lighting, its verging on dangerous now when dealing with modern high power HID & LED lights coming the other direction
Reflector has probably lost it's shine. You can buy universal replacement projector units if you want, even complete LED projector unit with full/dipped beam in single unit depending on how much you want to spend. This is one example but need to check availability for RHD. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/bi...reselect=52976

ainarssems 14th March 2019 02:42 PM

You can even get LED+Laser projector units to retrofit.

ainarssems 13th April 2019 11:34 PM

I have changed headlights on A6 from a 2000-2001 version to 1997-2000 version, genuine Hella headlapms mostly because the front lens covers were gone too far on the old lights and I could not find reasonably priced front covers for them. I have to say that LEDs does not work as well in these as in my old headlamps

I have since found front lens overs on aliexpress at acceptable price so might put my old headlights back with new covers and change the halogen dipped beam projectors with Bi LED projectors. I have not chosen which ones yet but I will need 2.5" and there is a lot more choice for 3". Not sure if I could fit 3", also RHD version availability is limited and thank god Bi LED + LASER is only available in LHD (I did ask seller) so at least I do not need to consider splashing out for them. Some of these aftermarket Bi LED projectors are even CE certified.

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