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Ricky22buk 14th August 2018 06:33 PM

A6 Ultra

Have googled this to death and cant seem to find something which I beleive should be easily found. My good lady is going to buy a 2018 Audi A6 Avant Black Edition in the next couple of days, but no matter where I look I cant find the differences between the black edition and the black edition ultra. Could anyone on here shed a light on the differences of the ultra above the black edition.

Thank you in advance if someone can help !!!!

paulrstaylor 14th August 2018 07:37 PM

I could be wrong here, but I don't think there is a difference as I suspect that the ultra is just branding on the two wheel drive 2.0TDI engine, and they are all that.

Engine wise you can get a 2WD 2.0 Ultra manual or S-Tronic, the 4WD is the 2.0 quattro S-Tronic.

Trim you can get SE Executive, S-line or Black.

Best to check with a dealer +++

Ricky22buk 14th August 2018 08:05 PM

Hi Paul,

I appreciate your reply. When I asked the dealer I hope to be buying the car off I was simply told....

So Black Edition refers to the specification and styling. Ultra is purely relating to the efficiency of the engine.

You can therefore also get a Black Edition Ultra. Hope that makes sense?

Black Edition models have black styling on the front grille and door mirrors etc. Along with that Black Edition also gives Bose Sound System

I have to be honest it wasn't the best definition in the world, and didn't really satisfy my curiosity, but that was their answer. Yet having spent hours on google, I think I have found out that an ultra is a slightly higher bhp engine and a slightly higher torque figure. As for anything else I just don't know. Its a quattro we are getting so I'm hoping the 7 speed S ironic is the good gearbox. I always had in my head the ultra has an 8 speed and the black edition had a 7 speed but I now think I'm wrong on that account.

I was always intending to buy a 'black edition ultra' but a 'black edition' with a good spec has come up and I just wanted to convince myself of the differences before committing to the 'black edition'.

O, and I have just noticed I have this in the wrong A6 section ! Sorry ! 2018 C7 A6 !

All comments appreciated !

paulrstaylor 14th August 2018 08:42 PM

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I am agreeing with the dealer.

The specification of the car is "Black" - which comes with a bunch of stuff and no chrome :ROFL:

The engine is the "Ultra" bit, in the 2018 brochure it is only referenced on the 2WD model - there isn't a non-ultra 2.0 TDi


So all things being equal - it isn't worth worrying about +++++++++

Ricky22buk 14th August 2018 08:56 PM

All said and done, I think your right Paul. Its nothing to worry about. Just like to know my facts before i spend my money. LOL.

Cheers !

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