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nullfork 21st August 2018 09:41 PM

Correct bearing kit for rear (S8)
I ordered the following kit for replacing the rear wheel bearing on my 2001 S8:


However, when I compare this to an old second hand bearing & hub I have on the shelf in the garage it has a different inner diameter by 2mm, this is the old second hand item I have on the shelf:


The new item (first link) has inner diameters of 47mm and 45mm (114PCD), the old used item has 45mm and 43mm (105PCD).

Both are labelled as suitable for my vehicle, can anyone tell me which is the correct fitment?

MikkiJayne 22nd August 2018 07:41 AM

The rear wheel bearing for a 2001 D2 is 4D0407625D so I would suggest that listing is incorrect. The only 4D number in the compatibility list is for the bolts that hold the flange to the hub.

ainarssems 22nd August 2018 07:52 AM

First link is front, second rear.

MikkiJayne 22nd August 2018 09:05 AM

Front is 8E0 498 625A which isn't in the reference list either. I don't think that part in the GSF listing fits the D2 at all.

ainarssems 22nd August 2018 10:13 AM

8E0 598 625A was dropped in 2005, current version is B, to make it even more complicated cars with late VIN numbers or 20" wheels from factory have 4F0 598 625A

MikkiJayne 22nd August 2018 11:02 AM

I always forget to look for supersessions :rolleyes:

nullfork 10th September 2018 03:12 PM

Thanks guys, I send the incorrect part back and asked them to update their listing.

Finally got the bearing done, bitch of a job but worth it for the satisfaction!

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