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Singh 12th January 2013 11:03 AM

Shall I buy this?
I haven't asked this question on the RS forums, and I was dead set to buy a 997 Turbo, but the lure of 740 BHP is too strong, and this is 15k less than an approved used Porsche. It has spec that would make Ian look twice and there really isn't a C6 like it.

I slept on it last night, and it is still in my head today. I'm 50/50 and need some encouragement or discouragement.

- 740 BHP/950NM (MRC Tuned)
- Audi Exclusive Black Optics
- Audi Carbon Ceramic Brakes
- Audi Exclusive Alcantara steering wheel & gear knob
- 3G MMI 3D Sat nav with:
- BOSE (5ch surround)
- Bluetooth (privacy handset)
- DAB Radio
- Freeview TV (VIM)
- DVD Player (VIM)
- SD Cards
- 6CD
- Ipod
- Advanced Key with Keyless Go
- Adaptive Cruise Control
- Memory seats
- Electric steering coloum
- High Beam Assist
- Adaptive Headlights
- F & R Heated seats
- Twin Pane UV Glass and Heat Insulating
- Electric rear window blind and manual side window blind
- Glass Sunroof
- Advanced Parking System with Reverse Cam
- Folding, Dipping Wing mirrors
- Carbon Engine Bay
- Carbon Front Splitter
- Carbon Rear Diffuser




The C6 RS 6 ceramics make the D3 S8 ceramics look like a joke. These wheels are 20'' by the way!


Finally, here it is with my plus. The most perfect C5 and C6 together IMO.


Decisions Decisons... :rolleyes:

IT 12th January 2013 11:43 AM

Gonna depend on the price & mileage obviously.

C6 RS6's just took a hit as the C7 is taking hold now, and the new 4.0 T S6 is shoving the high performance C6 prices south.

It looks good. Interior shots would be very nice i'm sure.

I've seen a few high spec C6 RS6's lately. I've seen 2 at sub 30K with Adaptive cruise, sunroof, advanced key etc - and they wernt selling.

I think with black optics, darker colour wheels would look way better, but thats just cosmetic.

Cant comment on the Porsche, I dont know much about em technically, although socially they stick out like a sore thumb and will no doubt get you all sorts of labels from onlookers, where the RS6 is a bit more wolf in sheeps clothing - And I love that about a car.

If you dont want it, let me know... :D

P.S. Re the photo - I'm guessing thats not *your* C5 as it has the wrong interior colour doesnt it ??...

Singh 12th January 2013 12:11 PM

That is my exact C5, that's the reg it had before my private plate went on. This C6 isn't advertised, but he wants 38k. It is a late 2009 model with 49k miles. I've not really seen a C6 saloon with this spec, and the last time this car changed hands there were at least three people willing to pay 5k plus part ex their old brakes for for these ceramics!

Adrian E 12th January 2013 01:14 PM

This is Dave's old car that left him feeling rather cold, isn't it? Thought he'd moved it on already or is it with someone else now and for sale again? The original owner certainly likes his tuned toys :) watched his q7 doing standing quarter and its hilarious!

IT 12th January 2013 01:32 PM


Its nice, but not convinced its 38K nice.

Prices are falling at the moment, you would lose quite a bit on it quite quickly me thinks.

Spec makes it more desirable, not necessarily worth more. The power upgrades are not difficult to do to any RS6, and the ceramics are not worth paying thousands extra for imo as when you've got them, you wont sell them seperately, and you will have to service them at very high prices.

33/34K would be my punt absolute max assuming its circa 40K miles. Its a very small market that wasnts an RS6, wants performance upgrades and values high spec, so you have to price it like a regular RS6 basically....

Consider how much yours has lost in 12 months, and double it. I dont know about you, but thats making me sit rather uncomfortable.

All yours at that sort of money... +++

Adrian E 12th January 2013 01:43 PM

Above average miles for age, saloon so rarer/less desirable depending on your point of view

I'd ask your local pet Audi dealer what they'd pay in part ex and my guess would be in the 20s. That one on srs took an age to sell and think went to one of those we buy any car outfits in the end?

If you didn't have the c5 I could see the point in ticking the ownership box but not convinced its a wise choice unless the c5 goes as you won't want to do mega miles in either!

Singh 12th January 2013 02:18 PM

I would want to pay 35,000. That's a fair price as without even taking the specification into account it is worth the following:



Part Ex = 33,900
Retail = 36,750


Part Ex = 34,750
Retail = 38,250

So, I might loose 10k in depreciation over 12 months. However, an MRC Stage 2 tune costs 5/6k on these and I wouldn't have a standard C6 RS 6 without an MRC tune, so it all adds up in my head.

Mileage being higher than average doesn't bother me eitheir as I will be doing very little miles in it (company car for that) so it will level out.

As for the ceramics, they will last 250k, I know some go wrong on D3's, but C6 ones are fine and I will force Audi to replace them under the Audi warranty it will have if they go wrong.

Singh 12th January 2013 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by IT (Post 51832)
Consider how much yours has lost in 12 months, and double it.

I already have a buyer for mine at what I paid for it 14 months and 14,000 miles ago. Although I spent 17k (not a typo) last time I added it all up in upgrading/maintaining/running last year, so selling for what I paid, doesn't mean much... :o

Adrian E 12th January 2013 02:26 PM

Those part ex values I would only use as a guide - stick these under the nose of your local friendly dealer and ask them how likely they would be to offer those values against the described car.

I know of an Avant RS6 spec'd to just over 100k that at 3 years old with average miles was being offered 25k in part ex by the supplying dealer. That was at least 6 months ago too.

Clearly they didn't want it which is one side of it - I suspect the guide prices are based on a very small sample size so I would tread carefully relying on those without some confirmation from a dealer you may use to palm if off to later

ETA - of course if you want it and don't need to justify losing a shed load of capital on it in your ownership whether you pay too much for it in the first place is a moot point. Personally I don't like to pay over the odds and on something like this there's plenty to lose

briang9 12th January 2013 02:28 PM

OK unusually for me I've taken my sensible head off, my feeling is you have lusted after a Porsche for ages, and the best time to get one is now when you are young free and single with disposable cash, it will be much harder to justify later in life and you would probably regret not doing it now. However if you plan on remaining YF&S for a while then the worlds your lobster+++

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