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Nick Jones 8th October 2020 09:05 PM

2.5TDI Avant - Still alive
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Just to prove there a still a few of these out there and working.

My 2.5TDI SE 140 6 speed Avant. Solid black (special order I think). Owned by me since 2003 (and I know both previous owners).

Purchased at 112k and now at just under 335k miles. All major mechanicals are original and untouched - testament to regular oil changes and the basic toughness of the machine. Original clutch, starter, alternator, exhaust. I did change the injector nozzles at 275k and I did have to fit a new radiator a couple of years back. It has had many brake parts and many suspension parts - ten seasons of 12 car rallies in the Dorset lanes don't help that!

VCDS only ever attached for injection timing - never thrown a fault code!

Recently passed MoT with advisories for a corroded fuel pipe (true) and sad looking CV joint gaiters. Smoke score of 0.61 on first pass. Still capable of exceeding 50mpg if I'm nice to it (rare) and has seen long trip averages over 60mpg.

It has set my expectations unreasonably high. All cars should be this good.....

Inevitably it is getting a little tatty so has been given the winter off for a bit of tidying.

It's always been a working family vehicle. Most of the pics I have of it include large objects strapped to it.....


Ronin 21st September 2021 10:52 AM

I know this is an old thread but that's a really nice example and its in black, shame not a quattro.

If it wasn't for the D2 A8, A6 C4 is what I would have owned. I nearly bought a red 2.8 quattro sedan listed in London in around 2017.. :rolleyes:

Nick Jones 7th October 2021 02:01 PM

Itís been back on the road for just over a month after an 11 month rest and a bit of fettling.

Passed another MoT (CV gaiters done, fuel line still crusty). The MoT garage were apparently having a sweep on how badly it would fail the smoke testÖ. They all lost when it managed 0.74 on the first pass!

Not quite the same driving experience as a D2, but itís handier in the lanes, accepts a couple of bicycles without taking them to bits and goes a lot further on a tank of fuel. It is getting bit grotty underneath, mostly behind the rear wheels and I did have to weld up a hole in the NS front strut tower/bulkhead area. Still looks presentable if you donít get too close but washing/polishing is not a rewarding experience. The wheels badly need refurbishment.

Might get a couple more years out of it. Audis best designed and built car IMO


Ronin 24th November 2021 08:53 AM

I think I saw you about 30 mins ago on camp road just before west cocker. I was in a grey Tiguan. A6 was looking good 👍

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