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I update this thread to confirm we don't need to snake new harness if we're upgrading 2002 model car with RNS-D and TV tuner Type B to RNS-E and TV tuner Type C (analog or digital). We can leave exisitng harness from TV tuner to head unit. TV Tuner side connection is exactly the same and RNS-D side of connection just need new 32-pin connector soldered instead of existing 11-pin connector. All required wires can be found in existing RNS-D 11-pin connector.

Below is mapping of pins from existing RNS-D side 11-pin connector to new 32-pin RNS-E connector:

PIN 1 - Audio earth - to PIN 28 of RNS-E
PIN 2 - Audio input (left-side) - to PIN 29 of RNS-E
PIN 3 - Audio input (right-side) - to PIN 13 of RNS-E
PIN 4 - Video input sync. - to PIN 15 of RNS-E
PIN 5 - Video earth - to PIN 30 of RNS-E
PIN 8 - Video input (blue) - to PIN 31 of RNS-E
PIN 9 - Video input (green) - to PIN 16 of RNS-E
PIN 10 - Video input (red) - to PIN 32 of RNS-E
PIN 11 - Screened earth - to PIN 14 of RNS-E

During this job you might want to add AUX input (Audio In input) to your new 32-pin RNS-E connector:

PIN 6 of RNS-E - Aux Audio Right
PIN 21 of RNS-E - Aux Audio Earth
PIN 22 of RNS-E - Aux Audio Left

You'll need the following parts:

3 x 000 979 009 E - OEM Repair Wires
1 x 8J0 035 475 - OEM Aux-In Socket
1 x 8K0 973 754 - OEM 4-pin Flat contact housing

Pinout for the Aux-In 4-pin connector:

PIN 1: Aux-In GND
PIN 2: Aux-In Right
PIN 3: Aux-In Left
PIN 4: Unused

P.S. This is short write-up how AUX input has been installed in my A8:
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