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That is one of the reasons that I like this forum.
When somebody goes walk about it is noticed and folk start to ask questions.
Then when the chap has returned from the wilderness he is welcomed like he had never been away.

Even if he has purchased a Mucky Merc!!!!
Sorry Sarge, the fairies made me do it.
Ray at Wigan Pier
2004 A8 D3 3.0 TDI.
Ebony Pearl Black (with little bits of other colours and glitter), Auto dim mirrors
Added AMI, two Aux inputs and RSE output to TV Tuner, Dash camera, non OEM Tyre Pressure monitor, full Trups LED lights, Xenon HIDs in Dip headlights (by Trups), non OEM Reversing camera, swapped TV Tuner to a Hybrid, Puddle light projectors, DRL's (auto dim with sidelights) fitted in foglight grills. DAB radio with replaced Audi aerial.

In progress, Rear Seat Entertainment.
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