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Originally Posted by moltuae View Post
Finally got around to finishing and photographing my latest mining rig.

My aim was to make something robust, easily repeatable, stackable and (reasonably) compact. I intended it as a 4-card rig but I've squeezed a 5th card into this one for now, which is pushing it a bit on a single 1200W PSU. There's room for a second PSU though if necessary.

It's relatively portable and easy to carry (guessing it probably weighs about 15Kg). The black acrylic sheet panels give it a little protection and, along with the rear (filtered) fans, help to project most of the heat forwards to allow it to be used as a space heater.

I've also added a WiFi adaptor to enable it to be used anywhere there's a power outlet. I expected poorer performance mining over WiFi but there seems to be negligible difference compared with Ethernet. I do have 3 UniFi WAPs in the house though so that probably helps.

The rig currently contains 4 x 1080 Ti cards + 1 x RX 480 ....
That'st one fine looking rig if a bit expensive but should last a long time and even in 4 years time those Ti's should be worth 100 each, very nicely done. I am trying to avoid extra fans to avoid extra power consumption and keep the distance between cards to keep them cool. I know it is not much saving 25W is only 2 per month but every little helps and I don't think a bit of heat is necessarily bad. I can see it reducing lifetime for electrolytic capacitors but capacitors on video cards are mostly solid state so not affected that much by heat and for the rest I think it's thermal cycling that causes failures i.e switching on/off and letting ti cool down/reheat that causes failures, not so much being at constant high temperature.

I also have WiFi on my 2 new rigs so that that they can be moved around the house to move the heat/noise . One has M.2 WiFi card, other USB stick. Both of them have M.2 SSD's . One of the motherboards I use have 3 M2 slots, one dedicated to WiFi and 2 general usage so I have one left free. I have M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter so it can taker another video card. This is running 2x Ti's at the moment as I have not made a rig to move them over to HP Microserver due to having quite bad cut to my finger but eventually when Ti's are moved and I get my pre-order RX580s it should run 6 of them.

What settings are you running on Ti's. I have mine on +150 core, +350 RAM and and 85% power, it gets me about 100MH/s on Skunk or a bit over 1400 Sols on Equihash.

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