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I think I'd feel a little apprehensive buying either of those from an unknown Chinese seller on AliExpress.
I agree about M1, to be honest I was not that interested in S9 either before Bitcoin Cash but now it seems a bit of competition should at least keep rewards at current level if not increase and any possible future splits could add more competition and better/more stable rewards.

I do not have issue buying from unknown sellers on Aliexpress, I have been buying a lot of stuff from there and Aliexpress is like Escrow service. Seller does not get money until I have confirmed that I have received the goods in good order or until it times out without me making a claim. I have had a few issues including laptop motherboard costing over 300 which did not arrive and seller did not respond. Aliexpress returned money to me. There might be some warranty issues as I do not purchase miner directly from Bitmain but since D3 is not available from Bitmain and alternatives on e-bay are a lot more money I am definitely interested in the ones on aliexpress. It does say in the listing not to pay and to contact seller if interested in D3 which I have done to see what they have to say.

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