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I have changed headlights on A6 from a 2000-2001 version to 1997-2000 version, genuine Hella headlapms mostly because the front lens covers were gone too far on the old lights and I could not find reasonably priced front covers for them. I have to say that LEDs does not work as well in these as in my old headlamps

I have since found front lens overs on aliexpress at acceptable price so might put my old headlights back with new covers and change the halogen dipped beam projectors with Bi LED projectors. I have not chosen which ones yet but I will need 2.5" and there is a lot more choice for 3". Not sure if I could fit 3", also RHD version availability is limited and thank god Bi LED + LASER is only available in LHD (I did ask seller) so at least I do not need to consider splashing out for them. Some of these aftermarket Bi LED projectors are even CE certified.
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