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I've been using it for ages now. On my travels, I do sometimes find a Shell station that doesn't have it and that drives me crazy now that I've gotten so used to it. It feels like such a pain to walk in and pay now!

The app was truly awful and would crash two or three times every time I opened it. It's still not exactly slick but it works much better now. I still hate the way offers need to be activated and they sometimes don't appear until you've opened the app, so you may miss an offer on bonus points for refuelling because you've just refuelled without seeing the offer.

There are now two methods of payment - either PayPal or ApplePay. I had a few issues with PayPal when it was first launched, so I switched to ApplePay.

The trigger to start a payment is no longer scanning the QR code at the pump. It's now selecting 'pay at pump' in the app, which locates you and whether or not you're at a participating station. Then, you can either tap in the pump number or scan the QR code.

Overall, I'm pleased with the system and I'd hate to go back to the old way of the flaky chip and pin readers at the pumps, or even walking in to pay. The app still needs tweaking and I wish the offers were a little less work.
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