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Originally Posted by Ameiseuk View Post
Mrs H is looking at changing the mini.
why oh why she is looking for a cabrio I don't know.

What's your thoughts on the car?
Any issues to contend with?
I've had a few S4's over the years, this was my first cab. Generally it just works, usual S4 "questions" (not issues in my mind) of chain rattle worries - but mines got 150K on it and still going well

Front suspension - top arms, standard Audi, but with a V8 in a small car!

The hood motor can fail, easily repaired/exchanged.

Windscreen trims in aluminium - check the condition, new ones are .

In my books, a topless V8 with an manual box, with a couple of seats for little people in the back ticked lots of weekend car boxes

Now debating an RS version, but cant make the man maths work
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