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Default fuel float assembly

It's been awhile since I last posted about this issue that I'm having. I finished installing a new fuel pump a couple of months ago and I've been too busy/lazy to completely finishing what I've been doing. I took out the left side fuel float assembly because I bought a inexpensive handheld inspection camera so I can try and see if I got the right side fuel pump assembly installed correctly but I wasn't able to find exactly with the inspection to visually see the pump assembly. I feel like I have that part installed correctly.

Now for some reason I can not get the left side fuel float assembly in the correct orientation so I can get it pushed down flush with the access hole and screw on the lock ring. The picture below is some type of plastic bowl (sorry don't know the correct name of this) that seems to be causing my problem from pushing the float assembly all the way down so I can reinstall the lock ring.

There is no fuel in the tank as I have it all siphoned out.

Also I would like to know how important is it that I don't have the right side lock ring exactly in line with the reference dots that I made before I started disassembly? As you can see in the picture below the yellow dot that's on the lock ring at about the 2 o'clock position and the other yellow dot that's about the 3 o'clock position next to the hard fuel line.
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