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Those PCI expanders are interesting. At that price it might be worth getting some to experiment with but since they split from a single lane (1X), I wonder if it will affect the performance of the cards ....
On my old PC GTX 1080Ti running on PCI-e 1.1 slots interface load for card on x16 is 1-2%, card running on x4 is 3-4%. So I guess on x1 it would be about 15% on gen 1.1 . On gen 2 or gen 3 it would be a lot less.

AMD cards run on new motherboard with PCI-e 3.0 slots but unfortunately GPUz does not show interface load for these cards.

Another thing that had come to my mind is that you can get Expresscard to PCI-e adapter , then PCI-e 1 to 4 multiplier and run 4 desktop cards from laptop but not sure if laptop BIOS would correctly recognise all of the GPU's. There are also mini PCI-versions if you do not have express card slot but that would mean that laptop needs to be opened up.

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