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Originally Posted by MikkiJayne View Post
I guess this contributing to Bitmain not releasing any new batches at the moment? I've been watching the L3+ and S9 for a couple of weeks now, having concluded that GPU mining is a complete waste of time if you have to pay anything at all for power. My GTX980ti is making 1 a day after electricity costs, which means an ROI of a year I'll run it for a month to recoup the ebay fees and then sell it on.
They announced that they were suspending payment by Bitcoin for a few days before/after the fork but that shouldn't affect manufacturing. I guess they've just taken as many orders as they can handle for the present manufacturing batch.

Mining with a single graphics card certainly isn't going to make a lot of money quickly; you need to scale up. It also depends on how you look at it: If you're looking at a complete ROI (ie recovering the total cost of all the hardware) then it can take a while. The hardware retains some value though, so you should take that into account. In reality you're into profit as soon as you catch up with depreciation. Also consider that, unless your aim is to pay off any investment with money earned, the chances are that any Bitcoin you earn now may be worth far more in future (although, arguably, simply buying Bitcoin as an investment may be a better option for some people). If Bitcoin ever gets to the price some have predicted, your 1/day profit may turn out to be more like 200/day or more. And remember, once your rigs are up and running, whether you're earning a little or a lot, you're making money for doing absolutely nothing.
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