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Originally Posted by MikkiJayne View Post
So... discussion point: how much is it worth to host a miner at my place?

Its always cold, even in the summer and I wouldn't mind some extra heat. I have plenty of space to build a server room where the noise isn't an issue. Electricity is 14p a unit unfortunately, but I do have 120KW of it.

I'd already have some miners in there had I not spent all my money on D2s!
I would be interested in hosting but that electricity price would erode any potential rental costs I could offer. My electricity is price is 0.11625 day rate and 0.45773 night rate which works out average 0.101415833

Is there any chance you could shop around for your own electricity supplier for better price instead of using your landlords who probably have not changed it for years? I would assume as business user you could get under 10p.

Just to give some ideas there are some data centres in/near London that offer S9 hosting for 210/month which is a bit too much for me, my costs to run S9 is about 110/month and I would be happy to pay 150 for it to be somewhere else but at your costs it will be 150 just for electricity. I was looking at locating some at my mother in law's house in Latvia but electricity is more expensive there but might consider brother in law in Russia.

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