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Default Goodbye to S8

Well the S8 went to forum sponsors Wednesday morning, I kept the alloys putting 30 16" set from A4 bought locally on the car to get it rolling on and off the trailer and cut out cats and sold elsewhere as part of the deal.

I bought car cheaply in May 2008 but previous keeper did not send the log book off and I was not bothered to get it until insurance company requested a copy of it so officially it's been registered in my name since October 2009. Looking at what I paid for it and how much I got for the car, cats and adding the value of alloys I kept it's only cost me less than 10/month in depreciation over last 11.5 years.

Initially I was going to sell cats to as they offered 340-350 and they have home pick up in checkout but even with me choosing home pick up they wanted me to post them to Malaysia so they were sold to my mates guy for 280 who buys them in large quantities, cuts out cores and sends them in bulk for processing to Lithuania and gets paid for the metals recovered minus processing costs.

So I am 8less now but will still be lurking the forum and while I do not have any plans to buy another 8 in near future you never know. I did kind of consider 4.2TDI D3 couple of years ago but I have lost any interest in D3 and anything newer does not seem any tempting apart from matrix LED and laser headlights and is too expensive. You never know if I stumble across cheap 4.2 D2 with LPG I might just buy it.
2006 A8 Sport 4.2TDI, 2004 S4 Cabriolet, 2000 A6 2.5TDI quattro Sport Avant

No longer have 1997 S8, reached end of life with gearbox failure
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