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Default AdBlue questions?

Not specifically a fuel and exhaust question but this particular sub-forum has had no posts and as it is quiet in here compared to the D2/D3 forums I was feeling sorry for it and figured I'd post here to prevent it from getting a complex or suffering from low self esteem...

In any case it is in effect injected into the exhaust system albeit in a very different way to petrol/diesel

Is there any way - using VCDS maybe - to gauge the contents of the AdBlue tank?

Reading up it would appear that you get a warning in the DIS round 1500 miles to empty, again @ 600 miles and then when you hit zero miles if you turn the engine off it won't then start up again until the AdBlue has been refilled.

Also you have to put a minimum of 3.8 litres or so to get it to register that anything has been added.

This precludes carrying a litre bottle of AdBlue in the boot to top up in an emergency as I would do with engine oil for example but might also be a pain in the arse if you just set off for a Grand Tour of Europe and the AdBlue warning came on a few miles into a 1500 mile trip!

I did buy 2 x 10l containers of AdBlue from TPS the other day just in case but didn't want to top it up in case it might be nearly full and it overflowed.

Not sure of the capacity but it states you can refill with a maximum of 16 litres.

Car was serviced at Audi Manchester in January @5k miles ago with the last owner but no mention of AdBlue on the invoice.

Shame it doesn't have its own contents gauge so you could see at a glance how much is left hence my question about using VCDS to check the level.

Anyone here have any experience of using AdBlue on their '8?

Thanks & kind regards,

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