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Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
You can remove front bumper without doing that. Just remove the under tray if you have it, few clips holding the front wheel arch liners to the bumper and bumper itself is held with 2 Allen bolts located behind the grilles of the bumper
My car doesn't have the under tray unfortunately. I only saw one plastic hold down (not sure what the correct name is) for the wheel arch liner. I'm sure there is more then one and I prefer to remove the wheels so I can see everything so I don't damage anything.

Originally Posted by MikkiJayne View Post
You can put them under the rear subframe mounting bolts. That's a good hard-point which will support the full weight. Don't use the subframe itself - that isn't strong enough.
Ok but will it be safe to use since my jack stand has a u shape top? I found out the hard way to not support the subframe itself with the jack stand as it put a dent in it.
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