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Originally Posted by Singh View Post
P.S There's a video online somewhere (search it) of an RS 7 murdering that new P85D in a drag race.
And yet, the Tesla feels light years faster than the new RS 6 which is only 0.1s slower in acceleration than the RS7. At least up to 60mph anyway, I understand there are some misgivings about Tesla's motorway speed acceleration.
I drove the new RS6 and was driven in the P85D on the same day. The difference is shocking. The numbers are only perhaps 0.2s different, but the feeling is night and day.
In the Tesla you simply want to pass out from the g-force. You should try it.
Although I agree with you 100% about the interior, Audi does interiors so much better, and the big Tesla screen, I just hate it.

Also I want to take back what I said earlier. It seems the Mclaren's production version 0-60 is not that clear cut, Car and Driver got 3.2s to 60mph and they also use rollout. So it appears Tesla's claim that the first release P85D matches the F1 was accurate.

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