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Originally Posted by snapdragon View Post
I finally got my boot to open easily by replacing the motor with the later 2009 4E0827852H one with the metal casing. Wow, It took just 10 minutes to swap the part and instantly works like it should. I could now sit on the boot lid and it would tip me up. it opens much faster too. Thankfully I got one at a great price of 75 in these uncertain times. I would advise anyone who wants to sort this, don't waste money on new struts etc.. and look out for a 4E0827852H at a decent price.
I know there are various Nm versions, both my old and new are 164Nm, which I believe is one of the lower ratings.

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Where did you find one at that price??

Originally Posted by J i m s t e r View Post
I've got a spare one (the metal one, 4E0827852H) which I thought was why my boot wouldn't open but turns out it was a faulty tilt-sensor stopping the boot opening, so $299 later (including shipping from the US as no-one here had one at the time) I was back at square one.

New tilt sensor fixed it, so if anyone wants to make me an offer, feel free.
Might be interested! How did you diagnose the tilt sensor?
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