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Current negotiating position with 3rd party insurer Covea remains.
8k value, with a salvage amount of 31%, 2480.

I called my insurer Aviva and they confirmed that it's normal practice to split 31% as scrap value if total valuation is 8k.
(Aviva's would split between 25% and 28% in this situation though)

I'm inclined to leave D2 world for now due to lack of time to look after these lovely cars properly.

Q: Does anybody want this car for 2480 for parts (minus the number plate)? It's fully drivable.
My default position now is to take 8k and scrap the car.

If no one is interested, I'll strip all 'low hanging fruit' before scrapping of course.

Here's the spec, hopefully I haven't forgotten anything.

3.7 Sport 2002 WAUZZZ4D62N006368, emissions standard Euro 4 — London ULEZ-exempt

Standard from factory:

BOSE Sound System
Car phone preparation
Extended leather II
Xenon Plus headlights
TV reception
Recaro sport seats
Driver seat with memory
Passenger seat with memory
Self dimming rear view mirrors
Front and rear heated seats
Rear blinds in door cards
Motorised rear windscreen blind
Twin pane glass


New genuine black heated multifunctional steering wheel with gear shifter buttons
2010+ RNS-E with LED high definition screen, piano black surround
Audi Voice Control via Push-to-Talk button on steering wheel
Audi mobile phone control from via steering wheel button
Road speed limit indication for RNS-E (via additional Audi CAN Gate)
Automatically activated rear view camera in rear left tail light
Automatically muted stereo when reversing
Audi phone Bluetooth interface module
Audi Digital TV tuner
Audi AMI
Audi bluetooth over the air play module for Audi AMI
Audi radio controlled clock
Audi stereo remote button controls in rear armrest (up/down volume, next/prev track)
Audi wiring harness for rear brake pads wear indicators
New genuine longer battery tray in boot for extra capacity battery
Comfort sticky turn indicators (number of blinks configurable)
Hormann garage opener via genuine Audi button in dashboard blank
USB charger socket & RNS-E AUX socket
Full window control buttons on passenger side
Boot open and alarm deactivation buttons on passenger side
CTEK charger socket pre-wired in boot plastic panel


Myrtle wood
New black door cards
Leather lower pillar pillar trims in black
Audi A6 C6 perforated leather gearbox shifter
Audi stainless steel gas and brake pedals
Boot door for battery compartment with longer battery tray for extra capacity battery


Audi W12 wheels, powder coated in sparkling silver
Solar sunroof
Heated front windscreen
Audi convex self dimming mirrors on both left and right
Audi A6 C6 door handles with chrome strips
Powder painted black front windscreen surround
Restored (wet painted to sparkling silver) aluminium trim on rubbing strips
Powder coated aluminium corner and boot lid strips


Gearbox (FBB) with 3 oil changes
Engine (AKC) with oil changed every 6 months or 5000 miles
New genuine decorative cover for coolant reservoirs and power steering reservoirs from 3.3 diesel D2
Audi R7 engine oil cap
Audi R7 engine coolant reservoir cap
Audi genuine engine undertray with soundproofing from 3.3 diesel D2
Audi genuine gearbox undertray with soundproofing from 3.3 diesel D2
Audi genuine soundproofing panels around front drive shafts from 3.3 diesel D2
New genuine radiator
New genuine aircon condenser
New genuine aircon drier
New genuine front suspension with cast iron knuckles (done 2017)
New genuine front shocks & springs (done 2017)
New genuine front anti roll bar (done 2017)
New genuine rear springs (done 2017)
New genuine alternator (done 2018)
New genuine front callipers (done in 2012)
New genuine rear callipers (done in 2015)
New genuine coolant reservoir
New genuine large capacity steering fluid reservoir
New genuine bonnet soundproofing
New genuine front and rear suspension sensors for xenon headlights levelling
New genuine fuel cap (done 2017)
New genuine MAF sensor
I'd rather drive on left

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