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Itís been back on the road for just over a month after an 11 month rest and a bit of fettling.

Passed another MoT (CV gaiters done, fuel line still crusty). The MoT garage were apparently having a sweep on how badly it would fail the smoke testÖ. They all lost when it managed 0.74 on the first pass!

Not quite the same driving experience as a D2, but itís handier in the lanes, accepts a couple of bicycles without taking them to bits and goes a lot further on a tank of fuel. It is getting bit grotty underneath, mostly behind the rear wheels and I did have to weld up a hole in the NS front strut tower/bulkhead area. Still looks presentable if you donít get too close but washing/polishing is not a rewarding experience. The wheels badly need refurbishment.

Might get a couple more years out of it. Audis best designed and built car IMO

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