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Default Strong burning smell in interior and no fans


I got into my car a couple of days ago and there was a strong plastic/electrical burning smell. I noticed it as soon as I opened the door. This was the first time I'd used the car on that day and it was fine the previous evening.

I couldn't work out where exactly the smell was coming from as it seemed to have filled the car. I opened the bonnet but couldn't smell anything there.

After starting the engine, I noticed the fan blowers weren't working on any mode. I think it may be the fan blower or resistor at fault. They were exposed to water around 18 months ago when my bonnet drains got blocked but they have been working fine since. However, I don't understand why it would smell of burning before I'd even started the car, unless something had shorted overnight. The smell is still there two days later (I've not used the car since).

Has anyone had a similar problem?

- 2005 Audi A8 D3 4.2L Petrol
- 2008 Ford Mondeo 2.5T
- 2000 Ford Focus 1.6
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