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Old Yesterday, 05:27 AM
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S9 is back in stock now. https://shop.bitmain.com/productDeta...56J6ms8N4o0683

I am tempted to buy one for a full set of D3, L3+ and S9. If I had enough spare BTC I would probably buy it but not too keen spending money to buy BTC at this point. Bitcoin network is the largest and S9 is still most efficient and most profitable but it's been around for a while so there is possibility of something better coming out in not too far future. You can mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash with it and with a likely another split in November there could be another version of Bitcoin to mine increasing the demand and potential returns.

Need to think about it.

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Old Yesterday, 07:54 AM
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Yeah, I'm not so sure I'd buy another S9 right now. While my S9 continues to perform flawlessly, I suspect there may be a newer replacement in the pipeline. Not sure of the original release date but I think they'd been around for over 12 months when I bought mine. Might still be worth picking up a used one on Ebay, if you can find one at the right price.

The 3 x L3+ miners we ordered seem to be on their way now, though separately for some reason. The first one has already landed in UK customs, awaiting duty payment. That was paid yesterday so I expect we'll have that one in a day or two. The second one was despatched yesterday from China. Still waiting to hear news of the third unit.

Also, I've now had confirmation of payment received for the D3 I ordered. The international bank transfer I made ending up being about 30 short (due to bank transfer fees I think) so I contacted them and paid the difference using BTC. Sending cryptocurrency is so much simpler than doing a bank transfer ...
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