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Old 1st November 2019, 11:59 PM
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Just revisited this. My dashcam was on 24/7 via pins in the overhead console lights, but my current shift pattern is making the car not used 4-5 days at a time and causes the battery to get low (The camera produces enough heat that the patch of windscreen above it has no dew on it!).

I decided to put it back to just coming on with the igniters as in years gone by.

I found this 4 pin plug for the lane departure camera has -ve on pin1 and switched 12V +ve on pin 3. What's more, R/C model plugs fit perfectly - the kind you get on R/C models for servos and receivers etc...

On the first picture is the internals of a USB charger encased in large clear heatshrink and hot-glued to the console and this is plugged into the pins of the camera 4 pin socket. The second photo shows the cable plugged in.

This is much better than how it was and will not whirr or buzz - sometimes the cables or charger would buzz when idling and had to bang my hand on the console.

Of course I know this is tempting fate and something will happen and I will wish it was still 24/7

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Old 22nd December 2019, 04:26 PM
dangerdred dangerdred is offline
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Can anyone tell me how I go about removing the interior light?

EDIT: Found it in the service manual, although now I have another question - are people fitting an inline fuse in front of the regulator when putting it in the roof?
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