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Old 2nd February 2020, 05:45 AM
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First glance at that photo, I thought it was a cabin filter! The grey colour had me fooled, so here was me thinking it looked like a biohazard!

Then realised it used to be a K&N!

I had one of those on my V8 Holden many years ago (same engine recently featured on Skid Factory). Coupled with a widened inlet in the airbox bottom section, it made a wicked induction noise!
Fiddly filters though, and dangerous to MAFs, so I've never used one since.


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Old 2nd February 2020, 02:16 PM
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I've had one in my S8 for about 8 years. I fitted it after watching an Amercan program where an independent mechanic fitted an OEM, after market 'performance' filter and a K&N.
The test was real world driving, drag race against the clock and Dyno run. All under controlled conditions.
The OEM beat the after market, but the K&N beat them both on power and economy. This was followed by comparing a new K&N with a used one that had been cleaned following manufacturer's guide and one that wasn't! The one that wasn't toasted the Maff during the test. The one that was cleaned and re-oiled properly didn't. I've used one filter and 3/4 of a cleaning kit in 8 year's.
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