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Old 12th February 2019, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by snapdragon View Post
No, leave the part number and change a digit in the serial number to tell the BEM a new battery has been fitted.
It is customary to add 1 to the serial, so N311111111 becomes N311111112

I was just giving the 3D0 part number as an example for an alternative battery.
You have a 110Ah lead acid so the current part number is correct.
Will try during the weekend, thanks a lot for you input
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Old 15th February 2019, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by snapdragon View Post
I had a flat battery the other morning after a night shift, not sure if it was the driver's door handle or running VCDS the day before. 20 mins on fast charge and it was enough to start and get home by which time MMI was at 80%.
Went to bed and battery was flat again in the afternoon, so charged fully off the car. All was OK, but same again the next morning but battery gauge in MMI never moved off 10% even after 90 mins driving and finishing the charge on the charger with the charging post. I disconnected again to reboot the BEM. Still 10% after driving to work this evening, I brought my charger and 50m extension real this time, but just been out and tested an it was perfect. Still showing 10%. VCDS shows battery internal resistance 9OHM which doesn't sound right.

DO you think I fried the BEM - maybe try recoding as new battery or is it telling me the battery is junk status? Even though the battery is now fine (cranks really fast) , it is shutting stuff like the power boot and alarm off.
I had this on mine a long while back , took ages to get to a cause and fix as it would work normally for a while and then go back to 10%

this was the answer for me http://www.audi-resource.com/mmifalsewarn.php
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Old 16th February 2019, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by snapdragon View Post
Yes, the part number is the important bit that tells the car the Ah of the battery and maybe other characteristics such as AGM.
The serial is irrelevant it just tells the BEM it has had a new battery when the serial number has changed from the previous value and doing so resets all the parameters. So they probably are a genius afterall.
What is your part number? Something like 4E0915105A is correct but first 3 digits may be 000.
For 95Ah AGM I would go with 3D0915105G which is for the VW Phaeton.
Hi, Snapdragon.
000915105A is not a good code. It doesn't exist in the BEM code databases.

4E0915105A exists, and its equivalents are 000915105AK (Discontinued) and the current 000915105DL. All these correspond to 110Ah lead acid batteries.
95Ah AGM Battery does not exist, the equivalent will be 92Ah AGM battery, which BEM code is 000915105CE.
The serial number is very important, it contains the manufacturng date and tells the BEM how fresh the battery is, and the charge strategy is different for a fresh unit than for an old one. You'll find the S/N engraved in the battery (10 digits).

Best regards
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