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Old 10th August 2017, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MikkiJayne View Post
Its slow to shift, weighs more than the moon, leaks oil everywhere, and has many built-in design flaws which cause it to explode at the drop of a hat or every 100K, whichever happens sooner. I can't see why anyone would try to defend it myself.

If you want to cruise along the autobahn or sit in traffic I guess its acceptable, but it ruins the car when you want to have fun anywhere else. My diesel A6 is more fun to hustle on the wiggly bits and it has 1/3rd the horsepower, but it has a manual gearbox so it does exactly what I want it to whereas in the S8 the corner is already done by the time the 5hp24 remembers how to gearbox. Tiptronic just doesn't cut it on the wiggly bits either, although there I would struggle to explain why. Thats more useful for pre-selecting a lower gear to overtake something than pretending you can drive it like a manual.
Couldn't agree more!
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Old 10th August 2017, 09:34 PM
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This is an interesting discussion to follow
I have been wondering about the auto vs manual gearbox. Especially after i learned about the risk of failure with the auto.

It has been many years since I had a car with a manual gearbox, and I miss the feeling of having full control over the shifts
I see there are a few cars on the German market with the manual gearbox. To bad you have to convert the cars to be able to have one

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Old 12th August 2017, 02:14 PM
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I have had the good fortune to be taken for a ride in Vera's manual S8 at the Germany meet and it feels so much more alive than the auto, even from the passenger seat! I will be starting my conversion with some considerable vigour as soon as I get the workshop clear of other people's D2s Probably October / November since mine doesn't come out in the winter anyway.

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Old 13th August 2017, 12:08 AM
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Don't get me wrong MJ, I love manuals.
My A4 was a manual, and I do miss changing gears myself.
I'm watching yours and awolfinsheepsclothes threads with great interest, as once you've paved the way others may follow!
With the project car already having its engine out...

However, as auto boxes go I think the 5hp24a is pretty good, besides it's in-service issues (Transgo valve anyone?).
A mate of mine had a Suby Liberty (our market name for the Legacy - ask the RSL about that one) Spec B (3.0 H6 180kW) with the Aisin 5 speed in it and tiptronic... Press the button and I swear you could count to 5 waiting for it to select the gear you asked for!
The 5hp24 is lightning quick compared to that, and light years ahead of the dumb 4L60E in my old Holden V8.

You just need to preempt the gear you want ever so slightly.
I had a blast low-flying up Mountain Hwy (from The Basin (where I grew up) to Sassafras) yesterday. Tiptronic was great, diwnshifted early for the corners, accelerated out and blasted for the redline...!


2001 Audi S8 - Brilliant Black with Black interior, C5 RS6 rims (whenever I actually put them on...), Solar Sunroof, Tinted side and rear glass, RNS-D, XCarLink, Bose, clunky old phone in arm rest!
2002 Audi S8 - Project
Replacement head coming arrived thanks to MJ
Silver with Black interior. All features as the '01, with the 'S' mode auto shifter. Dodgey rear tint (need to find a way to get rid of that).
2009 Volvo XC90 V8 R Design
- has a louder more obnoxious exhaust than the S8, sounds great! Love this thing - Q7 was double the price, and certainly not double the car!

1997 Audi A4
- Hamilton's Club Sport, Achat Grey (will miss the old girl)
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