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Old 27th September 2018, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Derek29 View Post
Rides well, I took the advice of a previous thread about driving in dynamic mode for a while to let it calibrate itself, although I may do this again as I still need to scan and clear historic codes despite there being no dash board lights.
Good stuff. Did you have any judder under braking before you replaced the control arms? Iíve replaced all discs and pads now, front discs twice and Iím getting judder under braking. Itís doing my nut in. Wondering if that can be attributed to the control arms, given my discs and pads are new.

CURRENT CAR: Quartz gray 2008 A8 3.0 TDi. My installs: (2009) AMI and ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000A, generic RVC, Westfalia OEM towbar, D4 19s and S8 MFSW with paddles.

LAST CAR: Black 2001 A2 1.4 TDi, winter pack, leather/alcantara sports seats, DIS and BrokenSky
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Old 3rd October 2018, 06:14 PM
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No juddering since I replaced the discs and pads.

Its usually the bottom arms that cause that. Please replace with genuine ones, lemforder or meyle etc. Learnt that on an a4 b6, cheap ones didn't last 12 months!
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