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Old 24th September 2009, 04:49 PM
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Default Restoring an Unloved Audi TT.....

After numerous chav-tastic owners and a few other bits and pieces, a bump and a spin there! We brought this little car for the missus....

The missus has always loved one and the time was right to buy one. Though we only had a rather small budget to play with of around 5k. For this most cars wern't the spec we wanted, too high mileage and generally quite scruffy apart from the odd one which got snapped up.

So we found one that needed a little bit TLC. Went to pick it up, and found the thing needed ALOT of TLC. Tis life, and to be fair nothing we couldn't handle. So after picking up the car 2 weeks ago, we rang up Euro Car Parts and ordered loads of bits.

So Friday was replacing all discs and pads
Saturday was spent replacing the dashboard after airbag failure
Today it's gone for it's MOT and failed on quite a few things which will hopefully be sorted soon.

Booked in next Monday for a full respray in black as the paintwork is tatty.

The car from it's GOOD side lol! Very poor shut lines, door not right, dashboard dodgy repair and paintwork that had blistered very badly. Oh and a very bad parking dink on the passenger arch....

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Old 24th September 2009, 04:50 PM
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Replacing the dash...

Basically you need a Torx 25 (If I remember)

Disconnect Battery
Open both doors and remove both fuse covers on either side
Undo all Torx screws on the glovebox and disconnect cables. Remove.
Undo all Torx screws on the lower half of the dash under the driver and remove.
Undo the metal centre console surrounds and remove
Undo the Ashtray and remove
Remove radio and undo 2 x Torx screws
Undo plastic surround on the climate control and remove
4 x Torx Screws on the climate control and remove
4 x Torx Screws holding the TT centre console in. Remove
Drop the 4 screws from the Steering Column and rest on the seat
Disconnect passenger airbag connection and remove airbag complete in the carrier from the car
Undo all Torx screws on the left hand side of the fuse box cover (Passenger side)
Repeat for the fuse box on the driver side of the car
Remove A Pillar Surrounds. Just prise off gently as they are push clips
Disconnect heated seat switches etc.
Remove Dashboard Clocks
Slide dash towards you (3 clips at the back that hold it securely) and pull out.

Hope that helps.

Old Dash in place with a lovely repair

Glovebox removed

Lots of parts litering the lawn

All lower half of the dash out

All dash out

New dash top in

Steering column back in place and centre console rebuilt

Completed dash! Also repaired the TT radio cover for free. Made my day!

Took around 5 hours to do. 3 to strip, 2 to put back in.

Next is the respray!

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Old 24th September 2009, 04:50 PM
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All seats are out of the car and doorcards to ensure wiring is upto spec. I don't trust the previous owner with a few things I found on the car so thought I would check everything out. Good job really, seat belt tensioner which threads the belt through the chassis was completely missing.

So all parts ordered and car is now in the bodyshop getting a full respray in BMW M3 Black (Can't remember the name) but it has the black met with a blue/silver fleck in. Will look stunning.

Got some genuine RS4 style wheels for free off a 04 plate TT that need tyres and refurbing. So they are in the shop getting powdercoated so far.

Big thanks to Tony @ Teesside TPS for all the little bits and pieces i've needed


Few pics of the wheels before the refurb and the car with the seats out to check everything:

Hopefully out of the bodyshop tommorrow
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Old 24th September 2009, 04:55 PM
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Tyres arrived today and off to the wheel refurb place (Romax in Stockton-on-Tees) to be fitted for tommorrow.

Ordered seatbelts & airbags for the car today and various bits and pieces.

Checked in on the respray, coming along great. Currently in black primer ready to be painted now. I love it matt black!!

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Old 24th September 2009, 05:07 PM
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Cool, what are these likes in terms of performance and handling? Does it feel quicker then an S8? Can't wait to see what the black turns out like. I will be interested to see what job the body-shop make of it.
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Old 24th September 2009, 05:15 PM
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From what I recall, they are basically like refined go-karts (in a good way) - Really nimble and feel quite quick. I dont know what the specs are off hand, but they're definitely a good giggle.

The S8 is a rapid, but comfortable cruiser, and is just in a way different league really, like comparing chalk and cheese....

I'd seriously consider a TT roadster, only because I personally find the coupe a bit claustrophic.... (when you're used to a8s... most things seem small )
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Old 24th September 2009, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by A8 Doc View Post

All lower half of the dash out

New dash top in

Nice work but did you not lose an airbag along the way?

Gone, but not forgotten...

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