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D2 - Common Faults Quick links to all known common faults and their solutions

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Originally Posted by steamship View Post
I don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread, but if you stand outside the car and turn the ignition on (don't start), you should hear the fuel pump prime itself for several seconds. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that the pump is working 100%.
Originally Posted by B@fink View Post
Is the battery sufficiently charged? Iíve had one that having been stood for a few weeks had obviously gotten weak, sounded like it was buzzing the engine over no problem but nary a start to be had. Stuck the charger on it, couple of hours later, started like a new one.
Car is on trickle charge... it's a new battery, the one MJ advised getting. Later today I will have a go and listen out for the pump.

I have read another thread (Nognar) where similar issues prevailed, also noted that there is also an outside chance the relay could also have issues. Grasping I know.

Thanks for the tips
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