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D2 - Lights Headlights, xenons, foglights. Everything outside the car that glows

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Old 5th May 2020, 11:17 AM
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I think, like most things on the D2, it was hand-tooled by someone who knew they weren't going to make a lot of them, who didn't look in the parts bin or talk to other design teams, and who had no budget constraints. Thus we end up with something peculiar, bespoke, and over-complicated. The glovebox itself is a lesson in over-complication with no budget constraint.

Other models of the era used the same clip-in light as used in the D2 for the footwell lights, door puddle lights etc. There is no practical reason why the glovebox couldn't have used this same light too, in fact I may design something to do that instead.

With almost anything specific to the D2 you can point to the same component on later models and see how it was simplified for easier production & assembly and reduced cost. See A4 & A6 door cards for example - removable in literally 2 minutes and nothing breaks. The problem is though, none of those cars feel like a D2. Thus we end up with this peculiar dichotomy where the very attributes that make the D2 so special also make it a complete pain in the arse

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