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Old 17th May 2020, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Prefferle View Post
Update; ok so Iíve disconnected battery and disconnected connectors to both ECUís, all looked clean inside no signs of corrosion or water ingress. I sprayed these with Deoxit and reconnected.
Disconnected and checked all electrical harness connectors along with cleaning up all earth connections (coilpack earth on cyl heads and inside wheel-arches) that I could access.

Reconnected battery.
Start-up ok engine idles smooth with 0 misfire counts across all cylinders.
Test drive with VCDS still connected. No misfires detected.

So far so good. Iíll do a cold start and longer drive for the readiness tests to be completed.

Thanks again guys, Iíll keep updating.
To close out this issue i sorted this issue a while back - sorry for the late post - the Ďnewí Oil Separator that I fitted previously was defective! On recommendation from a USA Audi Forums chap I purchased another new oil separator (Febi) and no more misfire! Lesson on low cost aftermarket parts learned...
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Old 17th May 2020, 03:46 PM
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Thanks for the update and closing this thread off. I really appreciate it when someone gives us the conclusion. It helps us all with future issues that may be similar.

Well done!
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