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Old 17th May 2018, 07:05 AM
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Default Fault codes

Hi all

I have an intermittent EML and last night I had the use of a basic fault code reader which produced the following results.
012871 - Oxygen (lambda) Sensor B4 S2 Heating circuit
000406 - Engine Oil Temp Sensor.

I am imagining the 2 are related......? Anyone know if they are a DIY fix?
I don't imagine either part is cheap or easy to replace!

Anyway car is driving fine so neither fault seems to be impacting on the performance of the engine but I'd rather get them resolved.

I am getting into the realms of v high mileage now (160k+) so should be expecting this sort of thing and I have thought about replacing the old girl but the trouble is she is probably only worth about 8-9k ...... and V10's aren't put in production cars anymore!

'09 D3 S8 - Most of the bells and whistles (B&O, Audi Exclusive brown interior and exterior paint, soft close, ACC etc) de-flapped manifold!
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