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Old 29th September 2017, 08:18 AM
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When I bought my S8 close to two years ago, I thought long and hard about a warranty, it was coming in at something like 150 a month, which is extortionate, so, I took the option of saving 150 a month instead into a "pseudo warranty pot" should anything go, for peace of mind.

It now has 3000 in it and nothing has broken in the 25,000 miles I have done. And believe me, once warmed up, she'll regularly see high revs
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Old 29th September 2017, 08:34 AM
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I wouldn't consider dropping the engine simply for some preventative maintenance or overhaul. Whats the point? The gearbox will be fine, you can change the fluid if you like but it's OK if not.

I bought mine from a large dealer, specifically those crooks who did the Used Car Wars programme on Dave a few months back, stupidly got lured into a pricey warranty because I was a bit scared by the big V10 as well. Soon realised it was a waste of money and the warranty covered bugger all so I managed to fight it and do a credit card charge back shortly after for the cost of the warranty. Moral of the story, don't buy a third party warranty, if you claim it will be like a long fight with an insurance company.

Extensive history is important. I've got a huge folder for mine with any work carried out including any warranty work back when the car was young, rear windscreen replaced et al.

This S8 seems like a good buy to me.
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Old 29th September 2017, 09:39 PM
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Well, I have never in my life even considered warranty, for some people works from what I know, but I am not paying someone who will drag the repair for ages, make stupid phone calls to annoy you in the middle of the day just before the lunch, send stupid emails causing an instant deflation of your body in mind and all that.

The real question is can you afford one ?
If you can then HAVE IT !!! Have it now
I do 9-11 mpg, but I do drive the car as nature intended, ''your welcome to the car'' . So fuel is a lot, lets be honest, 500+ road tax once a year, insurance same, everything else much more expensive than on majority of cars so it will cost you.
If you can cover that easily then this car is as good as it gets for the money minus few cosmetic (probably expensive ) just kidding, defects.

Mine has 167k, owned it for just over a year, manifold flaps went, rear wheel bearings, suspension arms, gearbox service, decoke, all coil packs and ton more BUT, don't take my spending as an example, I over do it most of the time and I'm known for replacing parts before they even fail
And if something goes wrong on the car then you will fix it !!! , and the feeling after repair when you sit down behind the wheel is always good in S8, I guarantee you that.
And everything will go back to normal and whole in the wallet will heal gradually
It's a great opportunity to own a V10 not for ridiculous money, but having equally as much fun.

Quick tip
First thing you do after buying the car is getting a genuine !! VCDS cable - this tool and this forum will fix half of your problems if not all of them. Along the way you will learn about the car, save lots of money along the way on doing it yourself and have a better ''emotional'' relationship with the car. Plus no visit to garages and all that hassle.

Now let me ask you a question please.
After reading all the replies above, give me a one reason to not buy the car ?


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Standard S-line equipment, no extras.
2006 D3 A8 3.7 V8 - SOLD but not forgotten
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