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Old 14th May 2019, 07:03 AM
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Default Doosl FM transmitter

Here's a basic alternative to Audi Music Interface when you just wanting to connect your Ipod, Im guessing people have already sussed how to do it but for anyone who hasnt try an FM transmitter, Doosl can get them off amazon for a tenner, I tried it yesterday on the drive down to centre parcs tuned it to the lowest FM frequency possible works a treat, tune your radio to that frequency and charge it with the cigarette lighter, was pretty impressed by it to be honest always on the look out for a saving being from the northeast and that
Jonny P
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Old 20th May 2019, 11:07 AM
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Can't say i'm keen on FM transmitters, they may have come on, but I often found them tricky to keep working whilst driving, particularly round London which has quite congested FM usage and you'd end up with a lot of interference.

A CHEAP way of doing things is the AUX input into the stereo in the boot. My initial take was a jack cable fed into the cabin via the ski hatch, but a Bluetooth transmitter in the boot using the AUX is a pretty good alternative, quicker/less destructive and you even have a cigarette jack above for power!

Eventually switched to a GROM-MST over the Audi/Denison MMI options. It's great when it works but the optical bus is a pain and sometimes it doesn't want to play, so despite better audio quality of FLAC i'd probably just go with the Audi thing as it just works!

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