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D2 - Fuel and Exhausts Everything to do with getting fuel into the engine, and fumes back out again

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Old 31st January 2019, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Architex_mA8tey View Post
The AA managed to keep me waiting for 5 hours for a flat bed lorry when I told them it was a crankshaft position sensor that had finally failed on a D3 (and the part was already ordered and at the garage waiting to be fitted but the car refused to start to take it there!)

They firstly insisted on sending out a patrol which took 2 hours total and wasted his time and mine, then proceeded to keep me waiting another 3 hours for a flat bed lorry (they said they were busy with their own lorries).

I eventually lost patience and they finally took the hint and ordered a local flat bed breakdown truck to come out, who said he was only 15 minutes away and could have come out at any time earlier had they had authorised him to come!).

Suffice it to say, I am no longer using the AA and will probably never again!
Same reason I left the AA many years ago too (been with the RAC ever since).

Before my long 8-ownership I owned numerous hydropneumatic Citroens. Like the AWD 8s, the Citroen's couldn't be towed because of the self-levelling suspension. And there was rarely a breakdown that didn't require flat-bed recovery (or at least not one that I couldn't easily fix myself). Every time I would request a flat-bed and every time they sent a patrol van, despite agreeing on the phone that they needed to send a flat-bed.

The final straw was when a BX I owned blew a suspension return pipe and bled its green (LHM) blood all over the road. When I phoned the AA, I made it clear that the car was sat on its belly and would require a flat-bed, yet they sent a patrol van. After some head scratching the patrol guy agreed he could do nothing and requesting a flat-bed. A couple of hours later another patrol van turned up. Eventually a flat-bed came (from a local indy) ... some 8 hours later!
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Old 31st January 2019, 05:26 PM
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The only time my 8 let me down I had a similiar experience with the local indie flat truck driver living only ten minutes away.
I was with the RAC but still am, it comes with my bank account and is Euro wide.
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