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Old 29th October 2023, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by steamship View Post
012597 - The following post seems to imply that it's related to wear and tear with the stepper motors, but they also mention how they cleared it (at least on a temporary basis): https://forums.ross-tech.com/index.php?threads/12151/

00065/00066 - Common fault. The 'heaters' are nothing more than a bank of transistors attached to a bank of heatsinks and encased in an epoxy, and they burn out after time. This is what they look like inside:

01134 - Tends to mean that the battery inside the unit is starting to corrode, and you'll eventually be getting the alarm going off by itself for no apparent reason. If you don't already know, the alarm is situated in the plenum chamber on the passenger side, in the very far corner.

02596 - Never experienced this, but since the pads are reasonably new, then the likely cause is the adaptation was either never done or the wrong value entered when the pads were fitted.
Thanks, yes, like I said, the only new errors that are bothering me are the parking brake and alarm horn. The intake manifold error is on the car since I bought it - I've seen the replacement kits on €bay but have put pulling off the manifolds on the very long finger. The parking brake was a bit of a faff if I remember when installing the new pads - as it didn't recognise the correct thickness input, so at this point it's possible that I entered a lower value to clear the error, so will have to revisit to see what's going on there. Cannot explain the alarm horn one at all - as I said it chirps no problem when arming the alarm and there again yesterday morning the car/kessy didn't recognise the key fob/remote was in my pocket and even on pressing the buttons on the fob, the car did not respond at all. I opened the driver's door with the key and the alarm went off and wouldn't stop by me pressing the unlock button on the remote. Thankfully the alarm turned off on it's own after a short while. The day before I noticed there was a side bulb out according to the dash icon. Later on the same day I noticed the warning icon was gone and on inspection I have no bulbs blown. Today I went out and the car did not respond to any keyfob button presses but the door handle did open when I reached for it, and car started without issue - and then locked on the remote button when I parked up! Car has been off the road close to a year so I'm wondering and half hoping that although there seems to be not a bother on the battery and no other indication of anything, that maybe the battery having been let to discharge so much has done some damage that's not readily apparent. New battery was installed 2018.
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