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Old 30th March 2024, 07:18 PM
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Default 2002 Audi S8 D2 - Spares, Repairs, Parts or Restore.


2002 Audi S8 D2 - Spares, Repairs, Parts or Restore.

Its that sad time after 10 years of ownership to sell my Audi S8.

If I was retired with my own large garage I would restore the car but thats just not realistic for me currently, plus this is not my only D2 so I have made the decision it needs to be moved on.

  • Ming Blue Pearl D2 FL S8, 214k miles, 20” wheels, black Recaro leather
  • MOT Due 12th June 2024
  • Registered 10th September 2002

The simple reason is its now high mileage, old, tired and will need a number of items looking at to get it through the next MOT.

I have some spares also including full size spare wheel, some service parts, OE shocks, track rod ends and other parts that will come with the car.

Good Points
  • Fully Rebuilt Gearbox at ZF Specialist AutoTrans Gloucester @196,086 miles costing 2,894
  • Gearbox is perfect, works beautifully and a real strong point of the car
  • Three folders of Service History with everything thats been done to the car fully documented and dated to track all the work
  • Serviced every year by myself and the service book fully stamped up
  • Three keys and full Audi Book pack, fully stamped service history book
  • Dealer option of the rear entertainment fitted so flip down screen, headphones and PlayStation 2 fitted to the car
  • Seats, Windows, Sunroof, Central Locking, Mirrors electrics all work
  • Starts, drives and I have been using it daily recently to for short journeys to work, have coffee etc so still does the basics well but clearly getting old and tired now

Recent Servicing
  • 08/04/2023, 210,476 Mies - Self Serviced, Oil (Petronas Syntium 5w40), Oil Filter, Air Filter, Pollen Filter and Spark Plugs
  • 23/03/2022, 207,910 Miles - Self Serviced, Oil (Quantum Platinum 10w40), Oil Filter
  • 17/04/2021, 203,695 Miles - Self Serviced, Oil (Quantum Platinum 10w40), Oil Filter
  • 21/08/2018, 196,086 Miles - Gearbox Rebuild, Auto Trans Gloucester
  • 27/10/2019, 198,817 Miles - Self Serviced, Oil (Quantum Platinum 10w40), Oil Filter
  • 01/04/2018, 195,615 Miles - Self Serviced, Oil (Quantum Platinum 10w40), Oil Filter
  • 20/12/2016, 190,017 Miles - Cambelt & Waterpump, AudiTechnik Specialist Gloucester
  • 18/10/2016, 189,395 Miles - AudiTechnik Specialist Gloucester, Longlife Service
  • 20/11/2015, 183,853 Miles - Prestige & Performance Ltd, Longlife Service
  • 31/03/2015, 177,544 Miles - AudiTechnik Specialist Gloucester, Longlife Service

Bad Points
  • The car has covered 214,00 and is showing its age in a number of places now
  • Oil leaks from the engine including Cam cover gaskets and probably other areas so having to top up once a month
  • Coolant leaks from the engine and needs topping up once a month also, the leaks do not look like they are from the top of the engine but lower down which I have not managed to find yet
  • Injector in cylinder 7 is playing up on occasion on cold starts and takes 30 seconds to clear and start working properly (Spark plug and coil pack changed) but suspect an old and failing injector
  • Engine Light on for Lambda Sensor Heating Circuit (B1 S2)
  • Engine Light on for Cat Efficiency Low (B1 and B2)
  • Engine C02 is high, it would not pass the emissions at the MOT so passed last time running it with the LPG system (much cleaner) which is now broken. I suspect High CO2 from old Cats, old exhaust and broken Lambda sensor
  • LPG (OMVL) is now also faulty, stopped working so bypassed the cooling circuit when looking for the coolant leak fault hence disconnected and non functioning
  • Lacquer peel on the Drivers rear wheel arch has now started
  • Parking Sensors circuit playing up so get a constant beep, some sensors and wiring replaced but the fault still remains
  • Track rod ends worn and noted on the last MOT but will supply as set of new Lemforder ones with the car
  • Spark plug in Cylinder 3 came out a few years ago so new plug and helicoil was installed at the time but driven OK since then
  • Drivers side rear door has a small dent in it after someone nudged it in a car park, not obvious but you can see it if the light catches it right
  • Air conditioning and Heater both work but the heater is hot in winter so when the car wants heat it gives you a lot of heat from the drivers side vent. I suspect the valve body is stuck so its just all or nothing from it. I have a spare second hand one which I can supply with the car.
  • Last MOT noted some wear on suspension bushes/pins in the front and rear
  • Cambelt visually looks fine and was done @190k but this was in 2016 so over 5 years now but less than the 75k interval.
  • Front two tyres are worn and the inside edges are gone so will need to be replaced ASAP, though the rears are recent Michelin Pilot Sport 5s with plenty of tread left.

Not sure whats it worth but will take offers and would prefer it went to someone on the forum to be fully restored or as a parts car for another project as an organ donor.

The car drives but I only use it for short journeys now due to the above as its tired in a number of places. I would not recommend a drive from where I am based in Gloucestershire to far away, it would need to be collected and trailered.

So please make me an offer, as mentioned above this is not a new car. Its old, will not pass the next MOT so will need time and money put into it to do so. Hence the spares and repair title. Some of you may have seen the car when I brought it down to the mini meet in Devon a year or so ago.

Car is based in GL3 Gloucestershire.
2001 Audi A2 1.4 SE - Jaipur Red Pearl
2009 Audi D3 4.2 S8 - Avus Silver
2002 Audi D2 2.8 A8 QS - Audi Silver

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Old 3rd April 2024, 09:56 PM
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Same yr as mine..
Nice A2 in the background.
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Old 4th April 2024, 10:17 AM
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Pm sent
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Old 20th April 2024, 07:48 AM
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2001 Audi A2 1.4 SE - Jaipur Red Pearl
2009 Audi D3 4.2 S8 - Avus Silver
2002 Audi D2 2.8 A8 QS - Audi Silver
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