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D3 - Lights Headlights, xenons, foglights. Everything outside the car that glows

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Old 19th December 2023, 08:41 PM
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Default Headlight lense replacement

Hi all!
I have a set of headlights on my 2003 D3 that needs attention. I`ve managed to overcome the "sunfading" on the lenses, and replacement of Xenon bulbs are also attemted. The result is more or less the same; like a candle in a bucket - It looks cozy form the outside, but from behind the wheel at night when you actually would appreciate to see whats going on infront of the car you could hardly tell the difference wether the lights are on or off.
So It seems that to "up the game" I`ll have to replace the xenon units (D2S). Seems like the EvoX-R 2.0 are a viable option. So far so god!

To replace the xenon units I`ll have to remove the headlight lenses - this is where the headache really kicks in. I`m unable to find a source for the 1.gen headlight lenses. (pre mod year 2005)

So I`ll have to attempt removing, and reinstalling the same lense.

So to the question - that took a while - sorry!

Has anyone here succeded to do this? All I`ve managed to dig up so far states that heat is no good, and that the only way to get access is to brake the lense, and replace it with a new one...

Any experience with lense removal here in the forum?
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Old 19th December 2023, 10:32 PM
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I am pretty sure 2003 and 2005 headlights have the same shape so should be able to use the same lens. I have no experience removing D3 lenses but it can be a pain on other cars if they use PermaSeal.
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