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edinko 23rd March 2020 07:57 AM

HELP Coding A8 D2 W12 hot/cold countries.
Hi guys, after i have done ton of work at car, it decide to "forget" coding for hot/cold countries (battery dead for month or so...).
Because my car is from factory coded to cold climate countries, and cooling of engine is not suitable for my country, i need to code it for hot countries.

I have read on measuring block 132 with VCDS and on the picture 1 is confirmed that code is for cold countries. That does not open the thermostat earlier than 105c and other following instructions as for the hot countries coding.

On the second picture is actual coding for my engine (cold one).

I can solve my problem to go at AUDI dealer, but since it can be coded, no reason to waste money on that. and this corona virus **** that have happened to us not helping, service is closed for who knew how long.

Someone who have VCDS and W12 A8 D2 can help me to read their engine coding, that can be seen on second picture.

Or if someone knew different way codes or anything i will be thankful.

edinko 23rd March 2020 07:59 AM

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here are pictiures:

MikkiJayne 23rd March 2020 09:21 AM

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Elsawin has this to say about it:


Your coding is for EU4 configuration. I suspect you may need 26753 for 'vapour-pressure-critical countries'.

There's no login procedure described for coding the ECU (unusual) so you should simply be able to enter the new code in to VCDS. Remember to do both ECUs +++

edinko 23rd March 2020 05:48 PM

@MikkiJayne thank you, for help and information.

I have came to same conclusion that there is no Binary coding available in this case.
Probably coding is to complex, and it is easier to make precoded maps in the ECU, and just to choose wich map you need.

edinko 25th March 2020 12:42 PM

I have try to change coding, but after i click do it button window is closed, no additional infos or notifications.
But coding is not applied a change. Still remain same coding as before.
I think problem is in VCDS or cable.

edinko 25th March 2020 01:20 PM

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I think this is cause of problem, the wery last sentinence.

MikkiJayne 25th March 2020 02:07 PM

VCDS can definitely recode Motronic 7 ECUs (and others) - I've done it myself on V8s and TDIs. However, in order to recode it you have to log in to the ECU with a specific code. Only then will it accept the new code. There's nothing in the W12 documentation about logging in, which surprised me, but it may simply be an oversight.

I will have a look and see what the code is for the V8. As both ECUs are ME7.1 it might be the same on the W12.

edinko 25th March 2020 04:03 PM

Im in your mercy. And that login procedure is on same window where is exicuted coding or before. I have not done that kind login before.

edinko 5th April 2020 08:02 PM

Well i have found time to google about login to ecu. Now i need code to apply procedure,
Maybe code from V8 is same for W12 because they use 2 ecu module and same generation.
If you can find your code to try loging in with that.

27litres 7th April 2020 01:19 PM

27 for Brazil...
Would that be for the ethanol content in their fuel?
Min 25% up to 100% blends 😲

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