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Old 26th April 2018, 10:18 AM
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I see, I have registered with Audi Ensurance but have not used them, I guess they mostly care only for extra repair work going to them, not so much for write offs, could be also down to person you get as your claim manager. At least you got nice loaner car and I am sure insurance company wanted to settle claim as soon as possible to stop paying £302 every day for loaner even if it meant paying you a bit more than they wanted instead of racking up £2k+ loaner car bill every week.

1997 S8 was Cat B write-off in 2007 but still going strong
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Old 27th April 2018, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by ainarssems View Post
I guess they mostly care only for extra repair work going to them
Usually I'd say it was their ability to rent a D4 at £300+ a day that they were interested in, along with other associated claims management charges

Once the insurers had made an offer, the need to close the case down quickly as the insurer won't cover the hire for long after that date.
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Old 3rd May 2018, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by triumph2.5pi View Post
Hello all
My insurance company has written off my 2.8 Sport They have offered me less than half what I believe is a reasonable retail replacement cost and are currently refusing to budge.
I have a Parkers valuation, but they won't take that into account, being a 'consumer' guide.
In order to strengthen my case, I could really do with CAP and/or Glass' (preferably both!) 'Retail' values weighted for milage and options. I believe you can only get these as a motor trade professional. Does anyone have access to these, or know someone that may be able to help? I would be very happy to pay for the trouble!
Thanks :-)

I had the same argument with my insurer when my van was stolen, Parkerís said it was worth £14000 but their (trade only) site said it was worth £4000 so thatís all they offered until I emailed them a list of vans for sale on eBay and autotrader with similar spec/ mileage. They ended up giving me £7400 so itís worth fighting them.
Audi S8 D3 07MY 5.2 V10 Daytona Grey
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Jobs done so far;

Lowered 10mm with VCDS, Reinstalled factory DVB, Unlocked VIM, Updated MMI to 5570, Fixed Factory Bluetooth Phone, Fitted heated fan-spray washers, Installed Bluetooth DAC For Audio, Added projection Puddle lights, Wind Deflectors, Fitted Apple TV to all 3 Screens, installed car WiFi, Fitted Custom vortex Exhaust

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