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Old 5th May 2013, 10:40 PM
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Default Replacing D3 B&O Dashboard Speakers

My problem was the little-known-about center speaker that hides at the back center of the dashboard, but replacing didnt turn out to be too hard. Replacing the two pop up tweeters is even easier, although more expensive

So, through a process of acoustic fault finding, I concluded it was the center dash at fault and got a brand new ordered up through a8parts before I went any further. Less that 100 later and I have a genuine brand new Danish bit of B&O arrive, although its size was less impressive. Its tiny !!

The Center dash speaker lives under here. There is one for Bose too.

First job is to pop off this cover that holds the phototransistors for the Climate control. A radio removal key was the perfect thickness just to slip in and pop it out

The photosensor pulls out easily, and you can see there is now a small torx screw that must be removed - T10 size - and there is a big void just behind it. Drop it, and its lost forever I guess. Worst still, it might rattle down there so be careful.

Once removed, the black ventilation grill can easily be prised up. The dash is nice and soft and wont mark easily so you can lever against it.

Two more Torx - These hold the whole mesh in place. Remove them both

Then, we remove the two B&O tweeter covers. They just pop off with gentle prising. You can see here that to replace these tweeters is litterally just a case of popping off the plastic cover, and 2 torx. Couldnt be easier. I dont need to remove them though, so remove both covers only:

Now, we can lever out out the mesh. Its not quite as fragile as it looks, its on a sturdy plastic frame, but still we go steady. Lever it up vertically at the front nearest to you:

and then it will slide backwards towards you. You can see the clip (arrowed) that holds it down. There are 4 of them evenly spaced across the dasboard.

and then voila - one speaker fully accessible by two torx:

Tight squeeze with the windscreen though, so you'll need a ratchet to get in low down:

And here is old, next to new. I firstly disconnect the center speaker altogether, which immediately stopped the fluffy horrible noise I'd been suffering. There was no visible damage to it, but by removing it I certainly fixed my issue. With the new one in, it sounds 100% again

Quick test.....

And, reinstallation is the opposite of removal.

In my case though, I'd got a Black mesh with lots of marks on it. I dont really see how they were caused, but they are like imperfections, rather than dirt, and cleaning it just make the imperfections stand out more...

So, rather than replace the original mesh, I decided to fit a replacement one. See my next posting regarding that if interested.
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Old 10th August 2017, 08:34 PM
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Default Great guide - and it works....

Just the solution to my problem.

Have a 2007 S8, with the B&O - just bought it, and with the irritating noise
from the front of the car.

Followed the guide - and voila just a lot of great sound.

Thanks Lars
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Old 16th January 2020, 11:09 AM
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Thank god for that, I was expecting to have to remove top of dash totally
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