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Old 12th April 2018, 11:58 AM
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Default Console Button Lights

Hi There,

A while back at work i left my sunroof open and didn't realise the rain until too late. It wasn't a massive amount of water and i dried everything off and it was reasonable if a stupid move

Anyway after that the red back lights in the center console have been iffy. Sometimes pressing would get them on, sometimes they'd work and now they've just given up the ghost. It's not a major hassle and i know where the CD or NAV button is by now, but occasionally they'd be useful, so am thinking of finally looking at the issue!!!

Any pointers as it's a bit i've not removed on the D3 etc
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Old 12th April 2018, 01:03 PM
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You have to buy some 99% isopropyl such as from cpc farnell and then take out the PCB and flush it to remove the water.

As far as I remember, remove the ashtray, remove some screws, remove the something else and maybe 2 more screws under that hold the centre console in then it lifts out.
There are about 5 plugs to take out, remove them and then take in the house. Remove the back plastic, EPB switch and maybe start button (check this instructions in SSP as there is a trick with a sliding pin) and then wash the PCB in the sink and leave until dry about 15 mins and then put all back together. You might be able to do this without removing the PCB via the gaps, but I would worry about the isopropyl affecting the soft touch coating on the MMI buttons, it seems to go soft when damp.

The isopropy is very miscible in water and not conductive so will displace the moisture in all the nooks and crannies and microswitches and will dry off quite quickly due to it's volatility.
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