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For Sale and Wanted - Cars For the sale of whole cars, Audi or not, working or not. No cross links to other peoples cars please - Use Spotted online instead

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Old 14th September 2021, 11:45 AM
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Not sure what the used car market is like in NI at the moment, but the UK has gone pretty silly. I think if the car was here it would sell quite reasonably!

Agree with fixing the irksome bits though. The gears i believe are pretty easy - Oddly my 2005 D3 with 190+ miles hasn't had this issue!

That LPG offsets the W12 nicely, so some pics would help. Agreed on the tank location. My D2 had a big 90l tank across the back of the boot, my D3 has the wheel well tank. Not sure which i actually prefer. I always wanted the wheel tank, but having it now, the LPG capacity is far less and the deep boot isn't that useful!!! - I've a tank across the back in my Jeep and that's annoying because the seats fold and that feature is almost useless but the fixed seat back in the audi makes the space a pain to get to and the greater capacity is always useful when you find a cheap LPG supplier!
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